and Conditions
Stålhästen follows Swedish Consumer Law (1990:032) and the Law on Consumers ‘ protection (2000:274). No matter how you shop with us, the below terms of purchase are complementary to these laws and are the rules that apply between Stålhästen and you.

When placing an online order, you will get a order confirmation when you choose to complete the payment at checkout. Order confirmation is then automatically generated without manual review. In case of obvious errors (e.g.obvious error of price or printing errors) we reserve the right to correct the defect afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction or believe that the product information is inaccurate, you may choose to cancel your order free of charge. We also reserve the right not process an order for example. the product is out of stock or in case of technical problems.

Sometimes it happens that you regret your purchase and of course you have the right to return your order. You have to arrange and pay for the return shipping and it must be done within 14 days of receiving your shipment. Cost of the return can be higher then the cost we charge for freight.

Keep in mind that returns should be sent in an unused condition and in a original packaging. Send all packages to the Stålhästen : Mark shipment with Name and order number.

Send your return to:
Stålhästen Cyklar AB
St Eriksgatan 106
113 31 Stockholm, Sweden

DELIVERY address
Delivery address or mode of delivery cannot be changed after the order is placed.

of delivery

International: Currently we use FedEx Home delivery takes place during the daytime.

You will recieve an e-mail witht tracking number of your order.

None redemmed orders
If you do not redeem your package you will be charged for bicycles 49 EUR and other packages 29 EUR for the cost of shipping and administration.

The bikes have a 1-year functional warranty. You file complaint about a product by notifying us immediately after you have discovered the defect. Uncorrected problems may result in consequential errors, which are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not apply to maintenance, periodic check ups and damage caused to the goods by improper use or handling.

We handle personal data in accordance with the general Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

We only request the information required to be able to handle your order and you as a customer in the best possible way.

The information is only handled by us and the partners required to complete purchas, orders and deliveries. You

as a customer can request to receive:
-An extract of registered data
-Your registered data changed
-Registered data deleted

We do not sell, convey or disclose your information to unauthorized persons.

When you make a purchase in our cashier, you agree that we may use your specified address information. Accordance with these terms and conditions of our payment provider (Klarna, Net depending on market). This is to be able to manage and deliver your order. Some address information will need to be communicated to our suppliers and transport companies.

We will keep your data for 3 years in order to handle any returns or complaints.

BICYCLE Insurance
For individuals living in Sweden, the purchase of a bicycle includes a 2-month excess elimination insurance. After this period, an offer of extension is sent.

Privacy Policy
Stålhästen Cyklar AB Privacy Policy

Processing of personal data
Processing of personal data