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20 "/24" wheels to fit as many body lengths as possible. Minimal maintenance thanks to internal gear system (3-speed Shimano Nexus), front drum brake and rear foot brake and puncture protected tires. It also comes with the particularly handy front carrier and front and rear lamps. If you wish your own logo on Biz we can arrange it. Here you can read more about our company signs.

For bike sharing

Stålhästen Biz is our bike that is specially designed for companies or other uses where many people will share the same bike.

The bike has a frame and wheel size that is chosen to fit as many of us as possible, and has many other clever features. We have also created a custom-designed solution for the seatpost which allows you to easily adjust the height of the saddle without pulling the entire seatpost (and the pinch saddle).

From experience we also know that company bikes generally do not get as much love from their riders as other bikes, therefore we have been extra careful in the selection of components to create such a maintenance free and durable bike as possible. It should only work in wet and dry.


All our bikes have a one year warranty. The warranty covers all defects in function, materials and design of bicycles and accessories. The warranty does not apply to faults arising from improper use or parts used due to normal wear such as tires, hoses and chains.

Please contact our support at for questions regarding your bicycle's warranty. Remember to enter your order number or receipt number and describe your problem with words and pictures. Then we can help you faster!