Trampa 16" Green

From: 258eur

Classic green!

As a miniature of our adult bikes, this tidbit has a stylish green frame, brown sewn handles with matching saddle, and both coaster and hand brake. Trampa 16" is suitable for children between 4-6 years / 100-125 cm.

Comes with is a bicycle basket and support wheels that can be easily taken off and on.

A stylish children's bike

Stålhästens children’s bike Trampa is one of the newest models in our range. Without frills, our children’s bikes hold a stylish and classic design with a steel frame, matching saddle/handle and basket. It has been important that the children’s bikes have the same classic and timeless design as our adult bikes and to ensure the same quality as all our other bikes. The frames are powder coated, it creates better durability, which is good when the children are going on adventures.

All at a nice price because we have minimized the number of intermediaries and deliver the bike in cardboard to 95 % pre-assembled. The only thing that needs to be done is to attach the pedals and adjust the handlebar with two screws. Comes with support wheels that are easy to turn on or take off.

Trampa is suitable for children 100-125 cm (4-6 years)

High five!

  • Classic design in small format, made for Nordic climate
  • Powder coated frame, aluminium mudgards and stainless steel screws
  • Easy to install & quick-release bracket for the saddle.
  • Coaster brake rear and handbrake front.
  • Support wheel and bicycle basket included


All our bikes have a one year warranty. The warranty covers all defects in function, materials and design of bicycles and accessories. The warranty does not apply to faults arising from improper use or parts used due to normal wear such as tires, hoses and chains.

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Trampa 16” passar barn mellan 4-6 år / 105-125 cm.


Självklart! Hur ska man annars få till dom där snygga stoppsladdarna på grusgången? Finns även handbroms när det behövs få stopp på cykeln snabbare.


Inte så mycket faktiskt. Redan 90% av cykeln är färdigmonterad och det ända som behövs göras är att sätta dit pedaler, stödhjul samt att styret ska justeras in och fästas med 2 skruvar.