Prima Black

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Prima Black is the bike delux for those with a taste for the good in life. Beautiful shiny black frame and matching mudguards that together with the brown balloon tires, comfortable handles and leather saddle provide a classic and beautiful women's bike.

This color you can be ordered in 3 or 7 speeds. In addition, it has an aluminum frame, coaster brake & hand brake, metal pedals and a double kickstand.

Preliminary delivery 7 speed mid-July

A little more of the most

Prima is our finest women’s bike and even if it may look a bit like model Stålhästen it’s pretty much all they share. Equipped with Nexus 7, Shimano’s proven and virtually maintenance-free gear system. Prima also features aluminum frame/mudgards and sturdy balloon tires for great stability and comfort.

Ergonomic grips, metal pedals, double kickstand, and unique leather saddle are other details that distinguish model Prima. You can say that it has a little extra of everything.


High five!

  • 7 speed make it faster on the flat and easier to go up the hill. Integrated gears in the rear wheel hub, which means minimal maintenance.
  • Balloon tires that make your ride comfortable and stable.
  • V-brake for better pinch when the coaster brake is not enough.
  • Aluminium frame keeps the weight down. If you accidentally scratch the frame you won’t have to worry about rust.
  • Double kickstand makes the bike stand stable and easier to load.


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