Stålhästen Green

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Our most popular colour!!!
Beautiful old green frame, brown leather saddle, matching sewn handles and classic design. Stylish as few with steel frame, aluminum screens, large, easy-to-roll 28" wheels, handbrake and foot brake. Coaster brakes and hand brakes

Stålhästen Green comes with 3 speeds that make it a little easier to bike up the hill or swoop on the flat.

Back in stock at week 35, but can be pre-ordered.

A beautiful bike.

The Stålhästen model Stålhästen is our very first bike. A stylish and classic bike without frills. Steel frame, leather saddle and beautiful details. Over the years we have constantly updated and refined the model and today it is more stylish and better than ever! Integrated gear system for minimal maintenance, double-bottomed rims, reinforcing spokes and powder-coated frame for better durability. A great bike with a low price since we have minimized the number of intermediaries and deliver the bike in box to 90 pre-assembled. All you need to assemble yourself is front wheel, handlebar, saddle and pedals.


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