Sport All Black

From: eur459
Faster, better looking and blacker than any other bike. With its narrow tires, tight handlebars and sporty sitting position, it already looks like it’s doing 30 km/h before it leaves the bike stand.

The 0 vxl can be easily converted into a fixed-gear by flipping the rear wheel. Add a drop bar or bull horn if desired, or a handsome silver basket if you want to make it a bit more practical.

2 speed is an automatic hub from Sturmey Archer that switches up from the lighter to the heavier gear at 14.6 km/h.

0 and 2-speed, back in stock at the end of June, can be pre-ordered.

Pre-order in time as many models sell out even before they are back in stock. Select Klarna invoice and pay 14 days after delivery. .

Pure joy

Sport is our singlespeed and has been around since 2012. A scaled-down bike with a focus on manageability and cycling pleasure. Pure bike joy. Thin racer tires, narrow steel frame and smooth narrow handlebar give you full control and an efficient transporter. Despite the fact that in its purest version it lacks gears, it is not something you immediately miss as it easily accelerates up to speed. If you want it to go a little faster, there are 2-speed hubs that automatically put in a heavier gear at 14.6 km/h. Regardless of gear or not, the city’s streets thrive best, but don’t make a fool of themselves on the bike paths either.

The model Sport has an inofficell competition. The one that cycles the fastest at Vätternrundan (a 485 miles bicycle competition in Sweden), in addition to fame and glory, receives half the price of his bike. The current record is 11h 45 min. Not bad for a singlespeed. Can you beat it? 😉



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