Rulla 12" Black

From: 98eur

Simple and tough!

In mini format, this titbit has the same lovely design and quality as our adult bikes. Shiny black frame with matching rims and bell. Brown saddle and beiga decks. Tough! The little bike is delivered fully assembled and the bicycle basket is included. A balance bike is the head of department for children between 2 - 4 years/90-105 cm who practice their balance before they take the step to a bike with pedals.

A handsome balance bike.

Stålhästen balance bikes are one of the newest additions to our range. Without frills, our balance bike keeps a stylish and classic design with steel frame, leather saddle and basket. It has been important that the balance bike has the same design as our adult bikes to ensure the high quality of our stylish Stålhästen bikes. The frames are powder coated, it creates better durability, which is good when the children are going on adventures.

The saddle also has a quick-release bracket that allows you to easily raise/lower the saddle, so that mom or dad don’t have to empty the garage in search for the toolbox. All at a nice price because we have minimized the number of intermediaries and deliver the bike pre-assembled in cardboard.

High five!

  • Classic design in small format.
  • Powder coated frame, aluminium panels and stainless steel screws.
  • Shipped 95 % pre-assembled
  • Quick release to easily raise/lower the saddle.
  • Included bike basket in lovely natural material is included.


All our bikes have a one year warranty. The warranty covers all defects in function, materials and design of bicycles and accessories. The warranty does not apply to faults arising from improper use or parts used due to normal wear such as tires, hoses and chains.

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